Lost in China (The Beginning)

Tai O Village, Hong Kong

Hello Guys, how are you doing? Hope you are doing just fine 🙂

Anyway, after completing my story from the last trip From Cambodia to Vietnam: Lost in 10 days now, I’m starting a brand new story: Lost in China. I don’t know but I kinda like word ‘Lost’, it means I lost but in positive ways. Getting lost during traveling also happened often especially when you’re doing solo. Anyway, this story will be divided into three parts based on location and interest: Hong Kong (23-26 October 2013), Shenzhen (26-29 October 2013), and Macau (29-30 October 2013). I hope you enjoy and can learn something from my journey.

Chapter One: Hong Kong


It’s not the first time I arrived in Hong Kong International Airport. It’s the third time. The first and the second were for transit purpose only (to and from San Fransisco, USA). Now, I’m glad that I can get out and visit this fabulous city.

I stayed in Yesinn @CAUSEWAY BAY hostel (read here for review). The cheapest and comfy hostel right in the heart of Hong Kong (in my opinion of course). It was 500-something HKD. I feel ripped of already when I heard about the price for accommodation in Hong Kong. Unlike Cambodia and Vietnam, the 500-something was killing me! Imagine, you can get a nice hostel room for USD 6-7, in Hong Kong, you need at least USD 20 – 25 a night. But, this is Hong Kong. Space is limited and become quite expensive. Enough babbling about the expensive-ness of this city. Let’s explore!

The cheapest way to get to the city is by Airport Bus. Only HKD 40 (HKD 200-something with airport express MTR). I got off at Wan Chai Fire Station, and it took me 30 minutes to find my hostel! What the heck 😦 But, after I found it, I was really happy and a little bit sad: can’t check in yet. It was 07.30am in the morning. So I dropped my bag, took some rest in the lobby around an hour then ready to explore. My first destination is Sha Tin district. It’s not very touristy but I found it’s very interesting. I followed this itinerary: A Day in Sha Tin (but seriously, it won’t take a day for me)

The most interesting part in Sha Tin is… 10,000 Buddha Monastery. There are approximately 13,000 (not 10,000) Buddha statues. People mentioned it 10,000 because it’s a big number (and maybe easy to remember). Anyway, you need to climb up 431 stairs! And along the stairs, you can see a lot of Buddha statue around you. It kinda creepy a little bit, but interesting. Oh, the monastery is quite sacred for local people. They often pray here, so please have some respect, obey the rule: do NOT take photos around the main hall.

431 stairs needed to go to the main hall..
Sha Tin district view is quite good 🙂
You can find Snoopy’s World in Sha Tin. Small public theme park 🙂

I walked so far on the first day, around 10km. Then, I came back to the hostel, checked-in, trying to settle, then had a nap. Some hours later (I have no idea how long I went nap..), a guy coming and say hello, his name is Felipe and he’s from Brazil. He only stayed for a night and then he’s going to Guangdong to do some business. Then we hanged out for dinner, he showed me Times Square, and we went to Mexican restaurant. I have no idea, I just losing my appetite when the food came. I did the right thing sharing food with Felipe. We also shared stories about travel, family, daily life, idea, etc. And he bought me some drink. I had a great time with Felipe that night, we had a lot things to share at the hostel’s terrace, until then another Brazilian came. Her name is Thaís, she traveling all around Asia. From strangers, all of us, become a good friend. And I know “that” look, both Felipe and Thaís has some kind of “spark”. I don’t need to explain, it’s none of my business, none of yours either 😛 All of us, stayed up all night until 5am! Whoaw… until then, we had breakfast at 10am, then Felipe had to go… he wish he could stay for another day but he couldn’t. Now, just me and Thaís I guess. We came up with a plan, to go to the Victoria Peak around 3pm.

Back at the hostel, I met a Russian, Kirill. At first, it was hard to call his name. I did mistake by calling him Killir (or Killer? oops). Anyway, he interested to join me and Thaís for Victoria Peak. More strangers, meaning more friends ahead! We were going by MTR, it was fast. To go to the peak, we were going by Peak Tram. Quite expensive but it was fun!

Inside the tram
Inside the tram

And of course we have to pay again to go up to the peak… But the view is priceless! Make sure you don’t waste it! Bring your best camera here! Oh, and it can get chilling at night, bring jacket or warm suit.10665141705_76ea448233_o 10665369585_3899842cd6_o

L-R: me, Thaís, and Kirill
L-R: me, Thaís, and Kirill

Well yeah. Quite a day. After Victoria Peak, we planned to go to Lantau Island to see the Big Buddha via Ngong Ping 360 (the cable car!). It was quite far from our hostel to the station (yellow line). And the line for cable car was….. long. It took us around 40-50 minutes lining for glass-bottom cable car. Yes, glass-bottom. I was afraid of heights (a little bit).

No trick! We didn’t put our shoes on window, it’s glass-bottom!
The Big Buddha from the cable car

Me and Kirill also went to Tai O Fishing village (photo with the quote above is Tai O village). The view is quite good. It was calm, not many tourist. Then we took a ferry to get back to Hong Kong Island.

Tai O Village Market

That was all of my adventure in Hong Kong. Time flies fast. Thaís gave me a warm hug before I left. Kirill also checked-out, he went to… somewhere else (I forgot). Oh man, I hate goodbye. I wish I could do something more before I leave. I’ve met 3 great persons already, I’m such a grateful man. Anyway, October 26th 2013… 10am, I moved to Shenzhen (China’s mainland).

To be continue.


  1. Yeah man, you are lucky)) you will see many interest places and people in your future trips. it will fill your life with new emotions again and again, inspir for the new feats!

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