From Cambodia to Vietnam: Lost in 10 days (2)

Day 2: September 10th 2013

Say hello to Siem Reap, this is where all the tourists and backpackers gather! Usually, people come to Siem Reap can continue to Bangkok (for 6-7 hours bus) or vice versa….

siem reap

I arrived by bus around 3.30pm, and a Tuk Tuk driver (Mr. Bora, that was his name) picked me up. Oh, it was part of my hostel facility. I stayed in The Siem Reap Hostel (check my review on TripAdvisor). It was USD6 a night without breakfast but they have buffet breakfast (cereals, choice of fruits, pancakes, bread and jam, coffee, tea, milk, or juice) for USD2, ALL YOU CAN EAT! After unpacking things, I started to get oriented by going to Pub Street and meet up with some friend from Japan! Around Pub Street, you can find a lot of restaurant, pub, bar, place to hang out! Everything is here, traditional food, western food, BBQ! Not far from Pub Street, you also can find Old Market area, it’s like a traditional market but more comfy and clean (not like in my hometown). You also can get into Night Market and Siem Reap Art Center to buy souvenirs and things for your family or friends. BARGAIN HARD! Try to bargain for half-price.

So, Mr. Toshii (my Japanese friend) was waiting for me at Indian Restaurant. He was really nice and he introduced me with his other friends (I’m sorry I forgot all of your name guys, it was a short meeting, I know I’m a really bad person..). Then we went to a pizza bar just to have some drink. Happy hour was great! Only 50c then you can get a draft of beer!

When I came back, I met a German woman in my room (forgot her name). I told her I’m going to the temple, then she started to give me advice from A to Z. The temple area is very big (I knew that already), I was kinda worry that renting Tuk Tuk is the only way for one-day visit which is cost me USD20 (USD40 for 3-days but I’m afraid I might broke before end of my trip). And it was almost 10pm, I didn’t book any Tuk Tuk yet. Suddenly, someone came up in my room, and I gave him THAT LOOK! I mean, I never saw people brought a lot of things for traveling. Hey! I’m talking about 2 super-huge luggage and 1 daypack, he looked like he had some trouble and ran away from home (I’m sorry, I’m a bad person, but that was what I thought at first).  And I introduced myself. His name is Anthony, and from France, he’s French! A little bit Asian, and of course he told me that he half-Vietnamese. Anyway, we became a friend, and I offered him to share Tuk Tuk ride for the temple, but because we were just arrived, we decided to go on Thursday.

Day 3: September 11th 2013

I slept to much. I woke up around 10.30am, and I asked Anthony if he wanted to have breakfast downstairs, but I wouldn’t call it breakfast anyway…. it was a BRUNCH! Then after that, we went walk, trying to get more oriented. We went to Royal Park, saw Royal Palace and a fountain. It was a nice park.

1238920_10151895348261101_361778339_n 9254_10151895349456101_1648738125_n

Then, we also went to the city, locals here are selling crocodile product such as bag, shoes, belt, made from crocodile skin. Oh and the locals also selling the DEAD CROCODILE on the street. Then after we walked around 3km (my GPS told me), we went to the pub street to have some drink and maybe snacks. And, I tried CROCODILE BURGER for USD5!

Dead Crocodile!
Crodocile Burger! It was like eating chicken + fish at the same time… Imagine!
They also have CROCODILE PIZZA!

And we were back at the hostel. In the front of the hostel, I was very lucky that I met Mr. Bora! I hired him for temple visit with Anthony. It was USD15 for small circuit + sunrise, so we have to get up around 4 AM!

To be continue.

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