That Beautiful Island is Mansinam (West Papua, Indonesia)

It’s such a great opportunities that I can go to West Papua Province in Eastern Indonesia! Yes, this time I’m so excited that I made it to Manokwari! Though the trip is tiring because you have to transit like 4 times if you go with Lion Air from Jakarta. First, you have to stop in Surabaya, then stop in Makassar, then stop in Ambon, then Manokwari! It was all-day flight, only 10-15 minutes layover so you have to be prepared! Anyway, Manokwari is a nice city. Near Manokwari, there is an island: Mansinam! So where is Mansinam?

that ‘X’ signs, that is Mansinam! Click on the image to see it on OpenStreetMap!

And let’s see what it’s look like! Brace yourself…. 🙂

It’s only take 15-20 minutes from Manokwari to get to this island! You can rent small boat (price is vary depend on how good is your bargaining skill!). Oh, don’t forget to ask to the boatman about the sinking dutch ship near this island. Because the water is amazingly clear, you can see there is a boat under the sea!

Last but not least: get wet!!


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