Lost in Gili Trawangan: A solo backpacking experience [Part 2]

Read the first part here!

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”

-Miriam Beard

Gili Trawangan Island

Walking around the island is a best idea to get around and sightseeing. I was walking to the south part of the island and keep my GPS tracking on. On the east side of the island, you will see a lot of civilization. Many tourism amenities from small warung, guest house, until the fancy one (but not too fancy), ATMs, restaurants, etc. But on the west side of the island, it’s sooo quite. Well I found some fancy hotel, resort, and bar, but still…it’s too quite. The price for everything on west side is over-rated! I found a couple drink two can of Coke for Rp90,000 (1US$=Rp9,000) !!! That’s totally a joke! You can get a can of Coke in other place just Rp8,000 – Rp10,000.

So during my tracking, I found there’s a lot of land leasing especially on the west side. The price is vary. If you interested to buy some land here maybe for villa or resort, I would say be careful though. Especially with tenure issue. Ask the local if there’s any conflict on the land and check for the certificate. Tenure issue is a big issue in this country. Anyway, wherever I walk on this island, everyone is smiling, and say hi. People here are so nice both local and visitor!


Panorama, click to see in full size..

2 hours walking, my feet feel so tired. So I think, it’s time for me to find a place to stay. I was in the north side of the island. Then I found a place call Nusa Tiga Bungalows. I asked a guy there how much, and he said Rp100,000 per night! I was surprised! For a place right in front of the beach only cost Rp100,000.  I checked the room, well it’s local style. There are two queen bed size in the room, both of them equipped with mosquito net. There is also a fan. The bathroom is acceptable. First I got there there was a spider web but the staff cleaned it up so it was fine. Oh and guest what, the flush is working pretty well, so I’m happy enough for Rp100,000!! Oh I forgot to mention, it’s also include breakfast! You can choose between omelette (the cheese omelette here is awesome!!), pancake, and choice of coffee or tea. It’s pretty good deal! Here you also can get lunch or dinner pretty cheap! Rp10,000 for mixed rice and you can choose any kind of side dishes available!

So after took a shower, I went back to the beach in front of my place. It was so nice, quite, and peaceful.

Beach in front of my place

During my enjoyment, I met a couple (I think from German but I forgot), and they said they stay in Pondok Jessica. They lost their money because it got stolen! Well, as an Indonesian, I feel embarrassed, I mean how come people do something like that? When I check it on TripAdvisor site, a lot of tourist had similar experience, got their things stolen. So, avoid this place!

In the next hour, I feel like I want to go to swim. Then I ask a French woman how’s the water, and she said it’s warm near the shore but it’s cold after you walk around 50 m. I asked her to keep my stuff and she offered me a mask and told me I should go snorkeling, not just swimming. She’s really kind. So I’m off to snorkeling! The problem was, I have to walk a bit further before I can snorkeling. The reefs are so annoying! It hurts my feet so much. And because I didn’t wear any contact lens (yes, I have minus), when I was trying to get a little bit low (snorkel position: ON), apparently I didn’t realize that I’m still in shallow water. I felt a scratch but it didn’t hurt at all so I walk a little bit further and…it feels really good! I saw turtle, fish, and beautiful coral reefs!! I’m not so sure what I saw though because I didn’t wear my contacts!

After about 45 minutes of snorkeling, I went back to the beach then I feel my knees really hurt!! Holy crap! It’s bleeding! And it hurts sooo bad 😥 It must be because the reef.

Around 6 pm, I planned to go to the west side and see the sunset. I walk around again and hear a very loud music! Is there any party going on? I found out, there was no party. Just a stupid fancy resort trying to attract customers. Anyway, the weather was so bad. It was cloudy so there was no sunset at the moment.

It was too cloudy 😦

At night, I was invited by the local who manage a bar and restaurant call Windy’s. At first, they really kind but the conversation kinda get more annoying. Everytime I told them that I’m a student, they making fun of me. I can see their expression, it was like: “Holy crap! We just inviting a nerd!!!” I feel insulted, and I was alone there so I just keep smiling. Or maybe they just got too drunk or maybe because the weed. Yes, you can find weed easily here. I’m fine with it, do what you want with your weed but don’t ask me (or push me) to have some.

It was full moon that night. The sky was clear. I decided to leave and sitting on the beach, watching the full moon. There was no one at the moment. I was totally alone. I feel like I’m the only one who own this island 🙂

Full moon!
Panorama, click to see in full size..


This is the second part of my story, the next part I would like you about how accidentally got involved in a drama at Beach Combers, avoiding drugs offer, how local people here very honest to me and told me some shocking stories about this island, how local people here always think that foreigners are walking ATMs, how I deal with some foreigners who got drunk really badly because “magic mushroom”, and how I survived from the huge waves when I went back to Lombok etc. 

To be continue..


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