Collaboration in 3E (Education, Elaboration, Epic) way!

Hello guys, this is my second post in 2012. I am really glad that I could still keep this personal blog alive! Now, I want to talk about one epic event in early 2012. I would call this epic because it is epic! It has been started around October when I got information that Anthropology Research Center in Social Politic Science Faculty will have a Global Learning course on Climate Change (Indonesian Task Force on Climate Change). Since I learn a lot about climate change I really interested to join, and really would want to collaborate with other universities (in this case, JSIS University of Washington, Seattle). By the way, I found out the information exactly at dateline of registration. So I emailed Mrs. Suraya, she asked me that she will waiting for my CV and essay and I sent it around two hours later. My essay was explained about scope of Geography science:

Most of people think that geography is all about maps but Road Murphy describe three main scope of geography study: distribution and linkage of the population on earth with some aspects of spatial as well as how human interact with it, human interaction with physical environment that is one part of the diversity of the region, and study on the region or analysis from the region with special features. There are two object study in geography, physical and social. Climate change as we know it today is pretty much complex and involved both social and physical features.

Couple days later, I got a call, and I got in! During the meeting, I got the information that this task force will focus on REDD+ (Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation). Well, REDD+ is about carbon trading market. The concept is simple, you made emissions by releasing carbon to the air, then you have to pay to protect the forest and peat land as a carbon stock. But regarding the situation and condition in Indonesia such as land tenure issues, indigenous rights, funding mechanism, who will get paid, etc. REDD+ would be very complicated.

1st January, I went to Ibis Tamarin Hotel Jakarta to gathering with other UI participant and meet up with UW participant. Indo participants are: Sari, Yeni, Nety, Ayu, and Dhika. From UW participants are: Nathan, Jared, Lucas, Henry, Sandi, Natalya, Kristi, and Sarah. A little bit awkward at the moment, still trying to find out about them. At first, I was surprised because this would be epic serious, because all students look pretty serious about this. And I’m glad that I found out they are cool. Each person has their own interesting character and perspective. I learn a lot both from Indo and US students.

Interview at WALHI Office

The process run pretty well, we got a lot of things to do, everyday we had 3 – 4 interviews and a 7 pm meeting. On the weekend, we visited a village in Bogor. Nyuncung village is beautiful yet is devastating because there is no internet connection!! My phone keep saying “Emergency Only”!!! Fortunately, my devastated mind turn to be exciting because I’m gonna sleep on a bed with super-gigantic-epic-huge naked Britney Spears with US flag poster on the wall! I also had a good time hiking and seeing pine forest. My host family is really nice, the wife is really helpful, while the husband is very informative about the village condition. The kids are so adorable.

Fun part was, when I hanging out with them at Grand Indonesia, also we hit several bar around Jaksa and Kemang and meet up with Jared’s friend Patrick. Hanging out with them is super-fun and I like it. All of them are open minded. Whenever I feel stressful during the interview and write up, they still could make me smile and laugh until I spilled my food and drink when I was eating.

Anyway, the participant from UW already back to US, but it does not mean we broke our relationship. Thank God made Mark Zuckerberg born in this world. Today’s social network is really helpful to keep in touch and share photos during the trip!! And we still have a lot things to do the policy report! Thank you guys for being part of my life story! I hope you guys would come back to Indonesia or I would come to Seattle someday (my US visa expired in 2016 🙂 )

Oh one more thing, my new favorite word: FPIC (F*cking Epic) 😛

After interview at Greenpeace office
Study hard, party hard! Thanks Amira for sharing this!!

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