Fool in love? (Part 1)

Where I could find "love"? In the cloud? Really? (Photo by Emir Hartato, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License)

Happy new year everyone!! So…….I came up with this idea because it’s time for me to made up something different rather than work or uni stuff. Love, uh well.. I think it’s one of the strongest word in this world (or it might be the strongest word ever?).  It all began with these quotation:

Neuroscientists currently believe that the basic emotions arise from distinct circuits (or systems) of neural activity; that humans share several of these primary emotion–motivation circuits with other mammals; and that these brain systems evolved to direct behavior.

Damasio, 1999; Davidson, 1994; Panksepp, 1998

From the quotation above, basically, if there’s a love, there’s should be some kind of process (referring from the word “system”). What about love at first sight? Is there any process on that case? Yes, there should be, and I believe the process could be faster than speed of light! Also, it’s interesting that there are a lot of scientist from all over the world trying to determine how we could find a love. There is a lot of definition and individual perception about love. For me, love is….complicated. There are a lot of possibilities that might happen if I fall in love. It could make me happy, fun, tempting, or angry, sad, full of regret, etc.

When someone falls in love, they begin to feel that their beloved is unique; their “love object” takes on “special meaning”

Tennov, 1979

Every “beloved one” is unique and has special meaning. Uhmm…. let’s say if someone love to have sex, can we say that sex is unique or has a special meaning?

There is a lot of people debating between statement “love is meant to be found” and “love will found its place and time“. In my opinion, both are correct, but how we could found love? Is there any scientific methodology for that? And for the second statement, what kind of place? And what time? How long we should wait for love? Wake up guys!! You might ended in a situation where Steve Carell had in a movie (40-years-old Virgin). And helloooooo it’s 2012! It’s a year that we might be end up just like in a Roland Emmerich’s movie. You don’t want to die virgin right 😀 ?

To be continue…


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