Interning for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT)


Hello guys, this post is related with my last post The Best Yet to Come which tells you that I’m interning for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT). And this post will tell you everything related with my intern like what I’m doing and what is the output for this project. So, sit back and enjoy the story.

First, I encourage you all to read this article. So basically I’m helping Kate and Jeff here in Indonesia to answer the question: “Can OpenStreetMap be used to collect exposure data?” . OpenStreetMap is a free world map, but you can help to develop it by editing or adding information to the map. It’s like Wikipedia, everyone can contribute their knowledge and share it.

Basically, HOT has been working with the Australia-Indonesia Facility for Disaster Reduction (AIFDR), the World Bank’s Global Facility for Disaster Reducation and Recovery (GFDRR)Badan Nasional untuk Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB which is the Indonesia national government disaster response organization) for a project called “Community Mapping Pilot”. This project trying to encourage people in Indonesia to share their knowledge and map their own neighbor. Why? Spatial information is a crucial thing to help nation’s development. As a geography student, I already have difficulty to find spatial information related for my paperwork and research assignment. Actually, the government provide that information but most data not accessible and not synchronized with other data. Moreover, we need a free, accessible, and synchronized data.

So, if we contribute the data to OpenStreetMap, then what happen? This is one example how the OpenStreetMap data will be used for disaster management. The AIFDR and BNPB also now trying to develop a web based tool that models impacts of different hazard events on population or infrastructure called Risiko (Risk in a box). It’s free and open source. This tool will using OpenStreetMap data especially building because its related with infrastructure damage. Other example is, there’s a lot of 3rd party application for mapping, routing, and navigating using OpenStreetMap data (see Software part in OpenStreetMap Wiki)

Right now, I’m helping HOT for Mapping Competition in five universities and workshop for Australian Community Development and Civil Society Strengthening Scheme (ACCESS) in Indonesia. I’m traveling around Indonesia as you can see the location and schedule below.

For future update about this project and mapping competition  “like” us on Facebook or Follow on Twitter to find out.




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