And, New Year Eve’s Miracle happen…

Hi bloggers, how are you today? This is my first features on 2010. And today I would like to tell you about what happen on mid-December, especially when everything started to fall apart. So, maybe some of you know that I just got out from hospital because of dengue fever. I would like to tell you everything, all the detail and it’s really a true story. I’m not playing up and maybe it makes you thrill or scared or maybe inspired that health is very expensive and that’s why we should grateful that we still alive and healthy.

It started on the second week of final exam season. I was on my friend’s place because I would like to learn together with my friends. But, on December 11th, 2009 (if I remember), my body temperature was very high and I couldn’t move, so I asked my friend to buy me some water and medicine. Without feeling anything, I just slept and couldn’t move. My phone ringing but I couldn’t reach it. My parents started to worry about me and asked my old sister to take me home. At home (I think it was December 12th or 13th), I realized that somebody took me home. When I got home, I searched for bedroom. I don’t know what happen to me, I just want to sleep over and over again. I moved severeal times from a bedroom to other bedroom, I know something wrong happen but I just feel empty.

December 14th 2009 (if I remember), my nose started bleeding. It was hell a lot of blood and it couldn’t stop! Then my mother decided to took me to the hospital. I feel very scared when somebody mention “dengue fever”. Oh my GOD! Are you serious?? And then there was nothing in my mind. I blacked out. I didn’t feel everything except nothing! When I woke up, I realized I got up on ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Somebody told me that my blood just reach 26.000 – 28.000 (normally 150.000 – 400.000 ). I lost so much blood. My feet got whiter and whiter. My body got pale and paler.  I heard a doctor and he just got angry because he know that my condition was too critical. Oh and both of my parents desperately have to buy 30 blood bags for me. I know it cost so much. And I blacked out again about 3 or 4 days.

There were two doctor that treated me. The first one was UI’s alumni from Faculty of Medicine ’87, he’s an internist. And the second one was I don’t know maybe a brain specialist. Still confused about these brain specialist. If I really got dengue fever, why I have to do some CT scan? My mom said that my disease just got into my brain or my neuron. I don’t know if that’s true.

Still on ICU, I really don’t get it why I’m still here and still not moved into regular room. I have to face about 3-4 times injection to take out my blood samples. Feels like hell! Oh my GOD! If it’s the time, just take me! I don’t wanna be up here anymore! That was I said on my mind when I feel so desperate.

But luckily on 20th December (I don’t know but I feel it’s already December 20th 2009), I was moved on to regular room. 1st Class, 4th floor. And my condition keep better everyday until on December 24th 2009, I can go home. Yay! So, this is me know, with total body loss (I lost about 5-7 kilograms). I feel great, especially when I went to college again for the first time on January 4th 2010. I feel warmed up with my friends support. I don’t know what to say… but.. It feels like GOD has given me a second chance. Second chance to fix everything I did wrong, second chance to be a better human, second chance to be useful man, second chance to make a difference, to make a change..

It feels like, I was re-born. I called these my new year eve’s miracle. Oh..I want to say thank you to both of my parents and families for keeping my life’s spirit (thanks for the new BlackBerry XD ). Thank you for my friends for visiting me and for the prayer to keep me up like this. And thank you for the doctor and the nurse for the treatment that you gave me. I won’t forget these and I already learn about something from these miracle.

Hope my life will keep shining until the end.

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