Seasonal dish in Indonesia?

There are only two seasons in Indonesia. Summer between March and August, and rain season between September and February. Actually Indonesia doesn’t have any seasonal dish. But, it has seasonal fruit such as rambutan, durian, salak, etc. And it also has some celebration dish, like during Lebaran’s Day (Idul Fitri) usually, people makes ketupat, rendang, or braised chicken with coconut milk (opor ayam).


Actually, ketupat is not different wth dumpling. Only the shape is kind a simetric square and it’s made from rice which the rice has been wrapped inside palm leaf and we boiled it. Usually, we served it with other dish such as rendang or opor ayam. Rendang is one of the favorite dish in Indonesia. Because it’s spicy and there are many kind of rendang. Rendang can be made from beef, sometimes chicken, lamb, etc. You can find some rendang recipe here :

And the last one is braised chicken with coconut milk (not coconut oil, sorry, my mistakes). Like chicken soup or chicken curry, the different is the coconut milk and usually we put some sort of vegetables like carrot, potatoes, and etc. You can find the recipe here :


In Indonesia, there is also another dish we like used to some kind of celebration. Such as birth child celebration. There is a kind of tradition when we gathered people around us and we pray together hoping this child will have a better future. And we used to make Tumpeng. It’s kind a gorup of dishes. There are some fried chicken, spicy boiled egg, gado-gado, soy chips, vegetables, etc. The cone shape is kind of unique and it’s made from rice. Usually, we used Uduk Rice (Rice with coconut milk) or Nasi Kuning (Yellow Rice/rice with turmeric).


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