My Place and Relationship

About some days ago. We have talk about my place and its identity, emotion, and culture. Now let’s talk about its relationship. As you know every place its uniqe and has different characteristic. And a place can formed a new relationship with new people, friends, and everything can connected. For example, I knew my best friends on school, my first girlfriend (now ex) on McDonald’s, etc.

Now, I just want to share some stories about my place and relationship.

1. Love at the first sight (McDonald’s Pajajaran – Offline)

Actually, this is a little bit ridiculous. It happen about two years ago, after school hour, I’m bored because I’m confused that I’ve got bad mark for Math exam 😛 (I hate Math!). Then, I went to McDonald’s Pajajaran to have some fries. Suddenly, when I wanted to take a seat, I saw a girl on the next table. And I feel like I know her before, she is in my highschool. Then, she came to me and asked me : “You’re Emir, right?”, I said : “Yes..” and then she talked about me. She know me I’m an active person on Highschool Internal Organization and she know what I’m doing. I’m impressed! 😀 And we did a lot of chit-chat. Then, our relationship is formed and she became my girlfriends. It was just that simple. McDonald’s Pajajaran has become our silent witness. We did a lot of share. There was a sad momment, when her father’s dead, she was changed. I don’t know, something different. Her face was empty. I asked her to be patient, I tried to support her, I told her everything that would make her happy. But it was useless. This is the end of my relationship. She told me that she must focus for her study and make her mother happy. I understand and…(Quote : I almost cried when I wrote this), something bad happen. I don’t want to continue this but I’ll tell you the detail off the record 🙂

2. The Most Strategic Highschool in the world! (SMA N 3 Bogor – Offline)

My highschool was the center of my relationship. It’s not because I joined many organization on my highschool but it’s because its located on the heart of Bogor : Pajajaran Street. It has everything you need. For examples, about 10 metres from my highschool, there’s Mall of Pajajaran. It’s small but always crowd. Behind my school, there’s a hospital, Bogor Medical Center. On the side of my highschool, there’s a foodcourt and always crowd everyday. Because of many access to many places, I don’t find any difficulties to find a cozy place for hang-out or to have fun. My friends always told me : “I’m very grateful to study here because if I want to escape from school hours, it’s so easy I can go anywhere I like..”

3. Online, anywhere, anytime! (Everywhere – Offline/Online)

You should know that I use my mobile phone everytime I need. At school, when my teachers not teaching. At public (such as cafe, mall, etc.), when I’m alone and waiting somebody. At transportation when I’m on my way to somewhere. Etc. I almost use that sparetime for online through my mobile. Because it’s very easy and cheap. When I’m online, I become I quite person (like the world is just me and my mobile phone). I use my mobile to get connected with people in distance such as my old friends in Canada, my best friends in U.S, etc. I don’t want to lose some friends because of distance. Because friends is very hard to find but its easy to find an enemies.

That’s just some stories. For my relationship on my campus, you can read my old articles but I haven’t translate it to english yet.

Basic Questions:

1. What is a wonderful journey made of?

A wonderful journey is made of an extraordinary ingredients which involved three main parts :

1) Ourselves

2) Other people

3) Place

They can produce thing that we can’t expected how it is. That thing is : emotion

2.  Do you think a space a container or a movement? Why?

Space is a movement. Because space is always change over time and time is move forward.

3. What makes a place better for people to get closer? What’s the barrier in a place that hinders people from interacting?

A place can be better for people to get closer if everybody has the same identity on that place or everybody can adapt the situation based on that place. The barrier in a place that hinders people from interacting are languages, cultures, and also our emotion.

4. What’s missing in the modern day place/space? Why? How to improve?

1) Green area. Because its important for ourselves today. To improve, we must put about 10% area with green area.

2) The gap between the rich and the poor. Today, bussinessman seems try to divide the rich people and the poor people. They always build a place we can never imagine. Uniqe, big, and glamour. That place won’t allow the poor people to come. What’s wrong with that? We are same creatures, we live on the same place called earth. I think it’s just not fair. We should make a place suitable for everyone.


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