My Place and Identity

Human is the most complicated and delicated creature but it has a same specification with other creature. It needs place to live. Like other creatures, every human has its own place. Including myself. I have my own place that I called it, home. My home is very uniqe, it has two stories. It isn’t because I’m born in a rich family but its because I’m born with a big families. I have three big sisters and two little sisters. Both of my parents understand that as a human, we must have our own place and that’s why every person in my home have its own place called room. We can make our room whatever we want it. Each room has its own identity that shows our personallity. Including mine.

Welcome to my room. Where everything is possible. I usually dressing up my room with changing its paint color and position of the furniture. I don’t want to feel the same when I entering my room. My room is located on second story near my sisters room. It’s a large room, almost 20 sq mtr and on the west side in my room, there’s a window with a river view (Cisadane River). First, I don’t like the river because it’s very dirty but I like to enjoy the sound of the rivers especially in the night. I don’t know why but I feels very calm.

When I ended up in my room, I can do anything without limit and I can spend up more time with my notebook to put everything on my mind through online space. Facebook, blogs, twitter, I update everything which my friend must know what I’m doing and my updates can inspired someone to do everything in their live. I do a lot share. Sharing everything I have, knowledge, story, opinions, everything I made up on my minds. I don’t know why, but it feels great when you tell other people what you have done especially when you do a positive things. And I hope everyone learned do the positive things just like me.

And thanks God, my room condition is very supportive. It’s on the corner and it’s very quite, I like more than everything when it’s quite so I can think better and do better. The sound of the river give me a plus score. The breezing sound makes me more calm and always think positive. Yes! Even I know that Cisadane River is very dirty, but who knows that dirty river can makes a beautiful sound? It’s inspired me so much.

Many people especially my friends asked me that I’m an active person but why I’d like to be alone in a quite place? First, yes, I admit it that I’m very active because I always trying something new. Second, sometimes I need to be alone in a quite place to refreshing my body and soul so I won’t get too stress because of my activities. There’s a time when you do something, you feels strange, full of pressure, and angry. Because when you do something, you can’t do it yourself, you need someone to help and support you. Every action that we made always makes an impact to other people. And if you made a mistakes, that’s when everything falls from the sky, that’s when you’ll need to go away for a momment, and that’s when you’ll need a place that suits yourself.

Basic Questions:

1. One sentence about your bedroom/home

A quite place to rest and do everything without limits

2. One sentence to describe your school/classroom

A place to share the knowledge

3. From your POV, what’s the difference between ‘place’ and ‘space’? Which one is more interesting to you? Why?

I think space is refers to structural and geometrical qualities from a physical environment and place is refers to space that includes the dimension of life experience especially human experience and its interaction with others. Place is more interesting because we need a place where everything can suits ourselves as a social creatures.

4. Do you think that a place can help shape your identity? Why and why not? Do you think that you identity and personality also influence the place? What can you bring to the place?

Yes, I do think that a place can help shape my identity. Because life happens in a place. Yes, I do also think that my identity and personality influence the place. Every person can give and support anything from an interaction on a space which we makes them into a place that suits us. And I can bring happiness, joyful, and something new to the place for everyone.

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